Mission / Core Values

Gulf Coast Cardiothoracic Surgery Institute (GCCSI) was formed in 2015 with a professional commitment to provide outstanding patient care in cardiothoracic surgery.

doctor comforting patientGCCSI matches leading-edge technology with a philosophy of compassionate concern for our patients and their families. Our surgeon and staff of GCCSI are dedicated to ensuring that the surgical procedures performed are consistent with both the advanced technology presently available and the wishes and desires of its patients.

It is also within the mission of GCCSI to train junior surgeons to enable them in realizing their goals to become excellent cardiothoracic and transplant surgeons under the supervision of its senior leader. Further, in our commitment to transparency, GCCSI will document and publish all the practice’s procedures and outcomes in the national and international scientific community and within the professional associations of cardiothoracic surgery.