Patient Satisfaction Survey

Gulf Coast Cardiothoracic Surgery Institute, Inc. considers our patients very important to us. We value your opinions and comments regarding our medical office. A moment of your time is requested to answer the following questionnaire about your visit. Your comments will assist us in continuing to provide the highest quality of medical care available.

A scale of 5 (being most satisfied) to 1 (being least satisfied) has been provided to rate your experience with us. Please select Not applicable for those questions that do not apply.

1. When I called to make an appointment, I was greeted with courtesy and professionalism.
2. From the date of my initial phone call, I waited days for an appointment?

3. I was assisted in finding a suitable appointment time.
4. When I telephoned for my appointment, I did not have to remain on hold for longer than three minutes before speaking to a staff member.
5. I received New Patient forms and directions to the office prior to my appointment.
6. The reception area was neat and comfortable.
7. I found the office staff to be helpful and courteous.
8. Each staff member was neat and professional in appearance.
9. The staff members were able to answer my questions.
10. The staff member who escorted me to the treatment area was cordial and professional in manner.
11. When my doctor greeted me he made me feel important.
12. The office staff was helpful in scheduling pre-operative testing.
13. The details and scheduling of my surgery was handled by the office staff in a timely and courteous manner.
14. I was given the opportunity to schedule my next office visit before I left.
15. The doctor spent time with me and answered all of my questions.
16. I would refer a friend or relative to this practice.
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Additional comments or concerns:
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Please feel free to contact our office if you have additional questions or concerns via email: or phone: 813-906-1400.