Open Heart Surgery and Interventions

Gulf Coast Cardiothoracic Surgery Institute’s skilled surgeons have successfully completed thousands of open heart surgeries and procedures for cardiothoracic interventions over the years. With this deep experience, additional treatment options for patients with advanced heart failure and heart disease are available through GCCSI.

Open heart surgery involves a surgeon repairing or replacing heart muscle, valves, arteries, or other parts of the heart, such as the aorta or chambers, and encompasses several different surgical techniques and procedures for improving the heart’s function. During traditional open heart surgery, the surgeon gains access to the patient’s heart through the chest wall.

GCCSI’s surgeons are skilled in performing open heart surgery and minimally invasive heart surgeries. They will guide each patient through the best options available to treat his or her condition.

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GCCSI is also skilled in heart transplants, which can save the life of a patient whose heart is no longer functioning properly. A heart transplant removes the damaged or diseased heart and replaces it with a healthy donated organ. With such a complex procedure, it’s extremely important for a transplant patient to choose a surgeon with extensive experience in transplantation for a successful outcome. GCCSI’s surgeons are among the few Tampa Bay surgeons who have the experience necessary to perform heart transplants. Cardiac transplants are typically reserved for patients with end-stage congestive heart failure who have an estimated survival period of less than one year without the transplant and who haven’t been helped by other conventional medical or surgical therapies.