Thank You For my Second Chance at Life!

My wife took me to a local hospital in Pasco County on the 18th of March, 2016. The ER doctor informed me that I had a heart attack and would be transported to Tampa General Hospital for Bypass Surgery. My wife and I were unprepared for this stage of my life. We both struggled to understand everything that was happening. It was the most difficult time of my life, and probably my wife’s also.

I arrived at TGH on Saturday. That’s when I met Dr. Makdisi. Between his patience and exceptional bedside manors, this nightmare slowly developed into something we started to understand. By the time I had surgery on the 22nd, I was completely at ease with the whole process. There was no pre-surgery anxiety. I was completely relaxed and comfortable with the awaited surgery.

I only saw Dr. Bittner twice. He was a gentle man with a comforting smile. Both doctors participated in my surgery. Both saved my life!

I can think of no better testimony than to say THANK YOU FOR MY SECOND CHANCE AT LIFE!

God bless you both.

Steve Brannen